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With many thoughts...that will never fade away..........  / John Michael Erwin (Special friend )  Read >>
With many thoughts...that will never fade away..........  / John Michael Erwin (Special friend )
I know you are still with me, I feel your presence daily, in spirit as well as physical form. I hope you can feel my spirit as well. Words cannot begin to express what I feel.I wish I could put into words what I am feeling so man emotions and thoughts but I know that you know my heart. I still feel the same as when we were together. Thanks for making me a better person, I know you would be so proud of me!                                                                                    
P.S. Keep taking care of Bridgett, as always. Bridgett I will never forget you either, you were a special girl, love ya 2!!!!

I pray your parents will one day understand how special you were to me, that  I still care about you and always will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Brittney Nicole Slaney, " You left an impression on my life that will last throughout eternity." I will always love you !"

Thanks for being my guardian angel, please continue to guide me. Of all the angels in heaven you are the most special and the only one whose gudiance I would want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Close
I love you  / Momma   Read >>
I love you  / Momma
Hey my beautiful Angel,
I love you and Bridgett so much. I'm beginning to get really jealous of everyone that is getting to come see you before me. Tell BB I love him and he better keep you in line. We are putting on this youth rally. I feel like you would be very proud of us for everything we are trying to do. Watch over your friends and I pray that everyone of them shows up on April 22nd at 5pm at the OHS football field. If you can get them there, I think they will receive an answer from God. I know that He will use the people there to say what He wants them to say. Please pray for me Britt. I'm going to give a speech and you know how nervous I get. I'm on a mission. If I can be used by God to bring everyone possible to Christ, then maybe He will rapture us soon. I can't wait to be with you and Bridgett again. I've go so much to talk to you about. I miss our talks even tho I talk to you 2 all the time, it's just not the same. Thank you for listening to me when I lectured me. I hear from some of your friends that you gave them some advise. The same advise that I had once given to you. So I know you really did listen to me and I 'm so very proud of you. Watch of your friends, some of them are having a rough time now. I wish they would stop using you, Bridgett, Ethan and BB as an excuse for some of the things they are doing. Ask God to help them. I love you Britt-Britt. Close
Missing you!  / Ashley LaBorde   Read >>
Missing you!  / Ashley LaBorde
Hey girl! Just wanted to let you know I was thinkin bout you. Even though its been over two years you are still missed and loved. I talk to your mom and dad often and they miss you and bridgett so much. Please watch over them. Keep comforting your mom.....God knows best! I often wonder what yall are doing up there. I know yall are having so much fun and that puts a smile on my face. Please give my baby a huge hug and tell him I miss him. I love yall very much. See yall soon!!! Close
Brittney Slaney Memorial  / Teckla Holder (Unknown Friend )  Read >>
Brittney Slaney Memorial  / Teckla Holder (Unknown Friend )
On behalf of the East St. John Cheerleaders, we would like to say we know that you are missed by your family and friends.  Although we have never met you.  Your story filled our hearts with sadness.  We know your love for Cheerleading, because we feel the same way.  Cheerleading brings so many people closer together and there is a bond that never goes away.

This year I took my Senior's to the Allstate Spirit Show that was hosted in Lafayette at the Cajun Dome.  This year at the Gala Party we were honored of being the Receipient of the Brittney Slaney Memorial Award.  We were chosen over many great squads to accept this award.  ( I tell you that my girls really made me proud)  And I hope with you looking down that we made you proud of us too.

We thank you with all of our hearts and we hope to one day finally meet you and your little sister in heaven.

Again we are trully honored and we thank your family for such an honor.

Teckla Holder
Coach of the East St. John High School Cheerleaders
#1 Wildcat Drive
Reserve, Louisiana 70084 Close
Missing yall!  / Ashley LaBorde (Friend)  Read >>
Missing yall!  / Ashley LaBorde (Friend)
Hey girl!
I know we haven't talked in a while. Things as you know have been so hard for me. I cant believe God took two very special people in my life. It's so hard. I know that ya'll are so much happier and things are perfect there. I miss you and bb so much. He was my rock when I lost you and now I have nothing to fall on. I am so confused, hurt, mad, and just lost right now. I know that you and bb are with me every second but it's not the same. I can only imagine what kind of welcome you, bridgett, and ethan gave him at the gate. Wish I could have been there. Thank you so much for everything you did for me as a friend. You were the best!!! Please give bb that same friendship for me. Oh and keep him in line lol. Im sure yall are actin up and given his dad a headache lol. Give him a big hug for me and tell him I love him often. I know he will do the same for you. He knows how much everybody misses you still. I know that I have 2 perfect angels always at my side. Please continue to be with me so I can get through this. I love yall so much! Close
Love Ya Nigga  / Crystal Lynn (Big Cousin )  Read >>
Love Ya Nigga  / Crystal Lynn (Big Cousin )
Say nigga I miss you everyday so so much! I cant wait til we meet up again in Heaven and have a nice great reunion with BB Bridge Ethan Pop and Uncle Shawn. The biggest thrill up there is probably Big Mawmaw. I bet she is making yall act right up there huh? Well I love you and will continue talking to you everyday I miss ya nigga! love you nigga Close
To Brittney Bridgett Ethan & BB  / Crystal Lynn Slaney (Big Cousin )  Read >>
To Brittney Bridgett Ethan & BB  / Crystal Lynn Slaney (Big Cousin )
To Brittney Bridgett Ethan & BB!

Thought of you today when I heard one of your songs
Went to pick up the phone to call you but realized youre gone
Said a prayer for you last night did you hear it
Tried all day to get things done but couldnt just cried and sit
Kept moving around anyways and tried to get you off my mind
Then I realized thats impossible cuz youre one of a kind
You touched so many lives so many peoples hearts
With your bright smile sparkling personality and unashamed ability to
fart LOL
There will never be another that compares to you
I know that everyone here will agree with me and say thats true
The way you made people happy when nothing was going right
Taught them that life is about love & laughter not violence & fights
Everyone is trying to live their life without you around
But how can we live life with smiles without you here to clown
We all know that we will see you again when its our time to go
So from here on out we will take nothing for granted cuz we all know
To live live each day with our heads held high and never give up
Cuz God still is here with us even when problems over fill our cup
We will always know you are still here with us ~ We believe this is true
Cuz we carry a piece of each of you forever in our hearts ~ Cuz we love
each and every one of you!

Crystal Lynn Slaney
January 27, 2007

In Loving Memory Of:
Brittney N Slaney
Bridgett M Slaney
Ethan T Gill
Bob W "BB" Smith

We All Love and Miss Each and Every One Of You and Miss You Each Every Second Of Every Single Day and Can Not Wait To Be Reunited With Each Of You!
Thinkin Of You Lately  / Crystal Slaney (Big Cousin )  Read >>
Thinkin Of You Lately  / Crystal Slaney (Big Cousin )

hey baby cuz! I have been thinkin of you and Bridgett alot lately and I think its because you have been coming around. I miss you too alot lately. People keep saying that every year it will get better but sometimes I think it gets worse. I miss you Pop and Bridgett more now than ever. I hate the holidays now because you three are not here. I still pick up the phone when something drastic happens and wanna call but then realize that I cant anymore even after two years. I just cant let you two go. Whoever made that stupid saying out of sight out of mind was a fool cuz its not true. TOTALLY NOT TRUE! I miss you now more than ever. Gaw guh you should see Lee's little girl Jadyn. She is so beautiful and so outgoing and all smiles well until your dad comes around LOL! Anyways I know you and Bridgett have been coming around because she looks at yalls pictures and focuses hard and just smiles and blocks out everyone else. So she has to know yall from someway. Well baby cuz I am going to go Merry Christmas to you Bridgett Pop Uncle Shawn Big Mawmaw Aunt Barbara and Aunt Nellie. I know you are all enjoying your Christmas with God this year. I love you all keep watching over us and we miss you!

I love you  / Mom   Read >>
I love you  / Mom
Hey beautiful,
I love you and Bridgett so much. I hope you made her feel extra special for her birthday. You always knew just how to make all of us feel extra special. I miss you both so much. This time of the year is always a rollercoaster ride for us, but I know you are right here every step of the way. I know you can hear me, I just wish I could hear you and see you and most of all hold you. Thanks for being one of the best parts of my life. I can't wait to see you again and when I do it will be forever. I know that you know we are having you a baby brother or sister (or more than one ??!!). My prayer is that this child has the wonderful spirit of you and Bridgett. I will do my best to let it grow up knowing you and Bridgett. You will never be forgotten. I love you. Close
Not a day don't go by I don't think about you and Bridgett.  / Carol Slaney (Nanny)  Read >>
Not a day don't go by I don't think about you and Bridgett.  / Carol Slaney (Nanny)
Hey beautiful, it's hard to believe it has been 2 years already it seems like yesterday and yet it seems forever. I can only image like the song goes. Not what you would of accomplished or what a difference you would of made. I was so proud of you and not a day goes by when someone is saying yea she had such a beautiful smile, or she was as beautiful inside as she was on the outside. I feel we were all blessed to have you and Bridg, if only for a short while. We are not suppose to ask why so I just remember this "God had bigger plans for you and sis!" I know you are keeping pawpaw and Uncle Shawn and everybody else who is dear to you straight up there. I know believe in miracles again and I know you know why. I miss you and Brid so much, I know you too both feel the love sent to you both every minute of everyday by someone who is desperately missing you, thinking of you, sometimes at the same minute. You and Brid will always hold a special place in my heart, which has missing peices from so much grief. The only little comfort I have is that you are with people who really loves you as much as I did.Send a little extra sprinkle of love and kisses to mom and dad tomorrow, because they will need it. You would be proud of them. They inspire and continue to give hope to people who had none. Well, gotta go for now, we will all be a family again soon.                                  Love and kisses.   NANNY
Always on my Mind  / Shirley (Family Friend )  Read >>
Always on my Mind  / Shirley (Family Friend )
You & Bridgett are always on my mind, especially now. Ask Jesus to give Momma and Daddy the strength they need right now. We love you both and miss you. Close
Thinking of you :)  / Christy   Read >>
Thinking of you :)  / Christy
Hey Britt Britt, I miss you so much you are such a big part of our lives including Rodney and Jordan. Now Maci, I know you can see her and she is something....You try and keep her stright bless her heart I think she is going to have to much of me in her. As you know it's been alot going on with first losing maw maw gertie, then mom issue and then Aunt Hattie Fay. I know that your grandma is hurting from now losing her best friend and I really wish I could do something to ease her pain (that means the arthitus also) I will make you one promise that I will keep as long as I am on this earth and that is to make sure and take care of your momma, daddy, maw maw and paw paw. They mean so much to my family and are always there for us and I thank them for that and I really look up to them for being able to live there lives knowing, well not knowing but imaging how they hurt for the two of you. I really pray that I can be more like your mom was with you girls. I am trying but it's hard for me to relax. If you don't mind when you see me acting a little selfish, silly okay stright up "crazy" give me a little reminder that my children will only be little once. I love you so much and so many people tell me how beautiful you are and how you and I remind them alot alike.. We are just not that book smart, but I think we are doing ok!!! I love you so much and please keep an eye on sissy Jordan and Rodney loves you both so much and we often think of you both, it is not the same here without you. But soon enought we will all be together again. Keep smilin!  I love you - xoxox's Close
In My Dreams ...  / Uncle Tim (Uncle)  Read >>
In My Dreams ...  / Uncle Tim (Uncle)
Hey Britt.,,, 
I figure you knew i was coming by the dreams ive been having, anyway  i miss ya and i know your always around me, you and your sister,  feels like home, thanks for that, i miss home, anyway i just wanted to say  i love and miss you,  please kiss daddy for me and uncle shawn,  god i miss everyone, ya know my boss saw you and your sisters picture on my desk an said that u 2 were very beautiful  girls...  i told her you both were my angels, keeping me in line, the season is coming to an end and i will be home soon, i miss everyone,  thanks for watching over me, and  hug bridgette for me, tell her i made it to the church,   love and miss u both... Uncle Tim Close
I love you  / Momma   Read >>
I love you  / Momma
Hey beautiful,
I love you. I miss you and Bridgett so much. I'm trying so hard to be strong and patient, but it's hard. Some days are a lot harder than others. Somehow I always knew that you were meant for so much more than this world had to offer. I just never would have thought that you were born to be an angel sooner than expected. I'm so very proud of you. At your young age, you had accomplished so much more than I could have ever dreamed for you. You are beautiful, caring, loving, sincere, and humble. But most of all, you loved Jesus. I found the notes in your room that proved it. My prayer now is that all of the people who love you here, will strive to be the type of person you were. I know you are keeping tabs on everyone, so keep em straight, baby. I hope you and God make them feel so guilty when they do something wrong that they have to stop and pray for forgiveness. Take care of your baby sister. You know how much so likes to be hugged, so take care of that for me. I hope we are not apart for long. I just miss you two so much. I'll love you forever and ever. As you used to tell everyone, "I love as much as the stars in the sky"! Close
The Broken Chain  / Carol Slaney (Nanny)  Read >>
The Broken Chain  / Carol Slaney (Nanny)
Hey baby girl, missing and loving you and r sis so much. Here is a poem for you and sis.
                                  THE BROKEN CHAIN
We little knew that evening that 
God was going to call your name.
In life we loved you dearly
In death we do the same.
It broke our hearts to lose you,
you did not go alone;
for part of us went with you,
the day God called you home.
You left us peaceful memories,
Your love is still our guide,
and though we cannot see you,
you are always at our side.
Our family chain is broken
and nothing seems the same,
but as God calls us one by one,
the chain will link again.

We love and miss you and brid so much. Both of your personalities will live on through the precious memories that each of you have shown. Never forgotten. Love, Nanny Close
Some Flowers for you Brittney!  / Margaret Daughter Of Aunt Nellie (Cousin)  Read >>
Some Flowers for you Brittney!  / Margaret Daughter Of Aunt Nellie (Cousin)

So many things i want to say  / LeAnne BAiley (friend)  Read >>
So many things i want to say  / LeAnne BAiley (friend)
 HEy darlin I'm sure life is going just wonderful up there with Jesus. I'm sure you keep yourself worrying about all of us down here just because that's the kind of person you are always makin sure everybody else is ok. Life is moving so fast down here Jeb is getting married to a wonderful girl, she is just what he's been waiting for and i'm so glad she came his way. Who knows you might have sent her his way. Me and my husband are expecting a little one. It's been tough keeping my sugar lined out and worrying about the baby but I pray and God gets me through every day. I want to get over and see your mom but it seems like every time I go to OAkdale she working or busy. I go visit Ms.Caulette every now and then Lee is still his same ol' country boy self. I remember the summer at Dry Creek when we went with Mrs. Dana and someone duct-taped you to your bed and you thought it was me, Victoria, and Sara. I don't know if we ever figured out who did it. Later that night somebody got me too so it wasn't me. I remeber you being so happy and you couldn't wait to get home and talk to your moma(Lord knows you can't use your cell in the booneys). That was the best trip ever, I have so many pictures of all of us and i am so glad that they were taken. In every one you had that sunshine smile on your face. I'll never forget that day when i went into Oakdale market and told you that iwas moving to East Beauregard you told me i couldn't move because you wanted to light my candle at graduation. You might not know it but that touched my heart in ways you don't know and those few little words i am so greatful you said cuz that i think was the last time we spoke. I was going to call you the day you passed away something kept telling me to call but I didn't and now I regret it sooo bad. If i could have told one last time that I love you it would have made me feel so much better. You know now that we all love you and miss you greatly. Take care of everyone up there and Tell my mother-in-law and father-in-law that we said hey and that we love and miss them and watch over us and help guide us to raise this baby up right. I Love You girl. I miss you        -LeAnne BAiley Close
Miss you Britt!!!  / Friend   Read >>
Miss you Britt!!!  / Friend

Hey Britt!!! I miss you so much. You are so special to me and so many other people. I know your watching over us everyday. Keep your hand on your mom and dad. They are doing so much better. Soon it will be 2 years since you and Bridgett went to be with Jesus and it seems like yesterday I saw yall's beautiful smiles. Yall are so very missed. Not a day goes by I dont think of you and its still so hard without you but I know you are in such a better place. I wander every day how it would be if you were here and what you would be doing but I know that you are enjoying yourself with Jesus. Sometimes I need your words to comfort me like you did so many times and you know when Im down because you comfort me in a different way. Thank you so much for your comfort everytime I needed it. Life just isnt the same without you. I love you so much. Keep looking out for me! 

Hey Smilely!!!  / Somier Slayton (Friend)  Read >>
Hey Smilely!!!  / Somier Slayton (Friend)
Hey girl i miss u so much sorry i haven't been out to see u in a while but i've been very busy. i miss seeing ur smiling face walking into buddy's. life just seems so different. i keep ur mom and dad in my prays everynight, god will bless them just keep ur eyes on them up there and take care of ur sis. just going throught some pics tonight and found some from one of our FCCLA trip and u were beautiful and with that big smile. life was always easy seening u at school everyday cause no matter how bad our day was just seeing u so happy would always make my day better. just keep ur hands over some people and watch over them b/c lifes not easy down here and it seems to get harder and harder every day. things that people do u just couldn't believe i'll come see u this weekend. happy late b-day but i was there to tell u that day. enjoy ur life up there and i'll see u when its time. and watch over me with that big smile so i know everything will be ok... when i look up. ur great. love ya always and know you'll always be in my heart where every life takes me. bye love ya. Somier Close
An Angel For You!  / Margaret Buonpane (cousin-Aunt Nellie )  Read >>
An Angel For You!  / Margaret Buonpane (cousin-Aunt Nellie )

Watch Over Your parents! I know my mom has you in her arms!!

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